Art-sharing to spawn the Renaissance of Forgotten Masterpieces

Did you know that the stockrooms of museums may harbour the biggest treasures of the world?

Sometimes museums make temporary exhibitions out of what is hidden from the public. Nevertheless, the opportunity to see a world’s masterpiece is very low.

We believe that art, as an indispensable part of our culture and valuable food for thought, should be exposed to people. And the most peculiar thing is that there would be no need for opening new museums. Digital art, - more precisely, digitalized art, is a big step towards a newly developed system of art trade.

Modern cutting-edge technology, namely, Blockchain, allows art funds to purchase any painting for the purpose of collective ownership, and then sell it to a group of individual investors. Thus, the art that was stored in the museum reserves and has been gathering dust for dozens of years, can now have a new, digital life and make the round of the most renowned exhibitions all around the world.

Another advantage that brings the digitalization of art is a fully controlled art management and logistics of a piece of art executed by the fund leaders themselves. There is no more need for middlemen: all operations of art delivery, storage and trade are in the owners’ hands. And thanks to Blockchain, one can see everything that happened to a piece of art, beginning with tracing the logistics and ending with the history of buying and selling as the information is stored in virtual ledgers.

The new trend has already got recognition in the world’s leading countries and therefore it has encouraged young initiative art experts to launch their own companies dealing with the brand-new technology. is holding one of the leading positions among these initiatives, and its team is growing at a fast pace.

The International Artrium Council is the managing body of the Organization. The Council will consist of those people who professionally deal with art. The main purpose of the organ is advising and counseling activity that would enable the Artrium team and investors to get first-hand experience and advice from art experts. This innovation would ease the decision-making process and thus help the company and its members to achieve the goals. 

The Artrium Council meticulously goes through all 4 steps of digital art selling process. First, the Team picks up the most promising pieces of art for the Global Collection that later constitute the company’s core assets. Second, the Council deals with the logistics, storage, and maintenance of the purchased art, and simultaneously it actively promotes the pieces of art both on local and global levels in order to increase its exhibitability and art-value. The third step is self-promotion of the project so as to become a major influencer on the new-generation art market. Finally, the income is to be distributed among the founders, members, and investors.

As for the present moment, the Artrium Council comprises 4 people with different multicultural backgrounds, but all of them are professionals in their fields. The company is searching for potential members of the Council - art experts, artists, scholars, and professionals who are eager to push the limits and ‘upgrade’ the existing art market - though not just upgrade, but to open a new book in the history of art trade using high-end technology.

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