We bring the investors of tomorrow to the timeless market of art

Relive the power of cryptocurrency!

The booming world of cryptocurrency might be the most creative invention of our time. No longer are we hindered by the traditional banking systems for carrying out financial transactions and the limitations of their ever-changing regulations. Cryptocurrency has opened a door to a new financial world where its decentralized design and transparent transactions have made it a darling of the new age investors. We can now have more control over our money and enjoy a freedom that we never envisioned.

Artrium: New Age Art Investment Platform For the New age investors

Artrium seeks to take advantage of this recent innovation in cryptocurrencies and use it to transcend the art investment industry. While art objects are not a financial tool and require individual management, the management of financial papers and assists in a crowd required a trading platform. We offer a collection of assets to back financial trading, cover the costs of possessing these works, and ensure liquidity for investors, something traditional fine art investment simply cannot deliver.

Our collection is full of carefully chosen recommendations from the experts and art critics compromising Artrium Foundation Council which are then traded in a transparent environment platform on Artrium marketplace. Our multifaceted approach towards arts allows us to capture and maintain high-caliber assets for investment without degrading their artistic value. In fact, promoting an art around artistic importance is the reason we can ensure value growth on Artrium platform.

Let’s Count Down the Benefits!

Artrium is committed to removing the obstacles to art investment, giving the young talented artists a chance to find a new market and receive an opportunity for growth.  Thanks to the smart contract feature of Artrium’s blockchain technology, trading will flow rapidly and seamlessly in our marketplace. We divide the very valuable works of collectible art into shares opening up opportunities for investors and collectioners from both the cryptocurrency and traditional world to become a co-owner of a famous art masterpiece and easily exchange them for rights on different art objects.

And it’s not only the new age artists and investors that are going to be benefited with Artrium. We also create opportunities for gallery owners to recover the forgotten masterpiece from their storage, dust it off and give it a new life in Artrium marketplace. The best part is that along with issuing shares and hosting trades, artrium also helps art owners cover all connected expenses and related logistics, we also ensure that their art is insured, maintained and stored in a proper facility.

A decision that will define the future direction of art investment world

Cryptocurrency investors signify a new direction in the financial world and it’s time for the art professionals to understand the need to opening up to these markets and bring those opportunities to the art investment world. So if you’re an artist, collector or an investor looking to jumpstart your asset growth, ensure increased valuation and establish a steady revenue stream in a fast and secure cryptocurrency based environment, it’s time to make a decision and choose Artrium as your preferred art investment marketplace. Because like a wise man once rightly said, “ Opportunity never knocks your door twice!”

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